How to Design an Effective Cybersecurity Program

January 20, 2022

J.J. Thompson joins Jake Kouns, General Manager of Risk Based Security at Flashpoint, to talk about how organizations can design, implement, and measure an effective cyber security and vulnerability management program.

J.J. is a cyber security entrepreneur with 20 years of demonstrated success, where he founded Rook Security, specializing in managed detection and response. After spearheading Rook as CEO for over 11 years, the company was acquired by Sophos, where J.J. then led their strategy for Managed Threat Response service offerings.

Tune in to hear how J.J. created effective cyber security programs in his, and other organizations. We might also get some details about his latest stealth startup!

Show notes

0:00 – Introductions
1:08 – What does it mean to design an effective security program?
2:17 – How to design an effective program
3:30 – How to measure effectiveness
5:37 – How to show your value as a security professional
8:04 – How to navigate the security tool and vendor landscape
11:35 – How the pandemic has changed views of security
15:48 – Personas: how do they matter when building a product?
18:20 – The future-state of ransomware
21:40 – Security tools break things instead of making it easier
26:17 – It’s not “if” but “when”
27:55 – How organizations benefit from the feedback loop
32:02 – What organizations struggling with security can do
36:29 – What functions are better to implement in a Managed Service Approach?
44:20 – Closing thoughts

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