Why Flashpoint?

Risk intelligence for every team

Flashpoint is a comprehensive risk intelligence solution that enables security teams to rapidly identify threats, safeguard information, and remediate threats to protect their organization’s assets. Our intelligence software delivers the contextual and actionable intelligence teams need to automatically detect, prioritize, and remediate emerging cyber and physical risks.

Flashpoint intelligence is proven to make security teams more efficient, delivering over 480% ROI with an average payback of less than three months.

We focus on the intelligence lifecycle

Flashpoint aligns with every step of the intelligence lifecycle. Our technology fused with our industry-leading analysts, empowers us to rapidly tune our intelligence to deliver insights that matter to customers right now.

Compromised Credentials
Vulnerabilities (97K+ pre-CVE)
Media Assets Collected
Stolen Credit Cards
Illicit Forum Posts
Chat Services Messages
Analysis &
& integration
Planning &
Planning & Direction

Flashpoint’s data enrichment pipeline automatically adds critical context to collected data enabling rapid discovery and triaging of potential threats

Best-in-class intelligence and analysis

We measure success by ensuring that we deliver the right intelligence at the right time, with the right context, so that our customers can mitigate risk faster than anyone else. 

A single intelligence platform with industry-leading, high volume OSINT collections

The Flashpoint Ignite platform is the intelligence solution that empowers different security teams to detect relevant threats and mitigate risk easily in their workflows. We safely provide access to top-tier illicit online communities and compromised data, including forums, chat service platforms, technical intelligence, and open web sources, in a single intelligence experience. 

Collections Engine

Analysts track adversaries across multiple types of online communities and inform the collections engine providing a wide variety of content.

Data Pipeline

Diverse, historical, and real-time data across multiple types of online communities is stored, parsed, and normalized.

Analytics Engine

Analysts inform proprietary analytics technologies to ensure relevant data delivery and prioritization.


Flashpoint Finished Intelligence products are backed by an extensive historical archive of illicit online communities.


Evolve your risk intelligence capability with Ignite


Get actionable insights from our experts

“Flashpoint has given us clear visibility into threat actor techniques, technology, and procedures that we have used to proactively put defenses in place for, and it allowed us to disrupt at least one attack campaign that impacted peer financial institutions and included monetary loss.”

-VP Security Manager, Financial Services

Making intelligence actionable with the tools you use

Every team has a unique ecosystem of tools in which they operate. Flashpoint makes it easy to take intelligence and build it into your pre-existing workflows and tooling. We do this through our extensive partner integrations ecosystem and through our no/low-code automation platform.

Getting started is easy!