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with decisive threat intelligence.

Every team needs actionable threat intelligence

Flashpoint delivers the contextual and actionable intelligence your teams need to automatically detect, prioritize, and remediate emerging cyber and physical risks.

how teams use flashpoint:
Corporate & Physical Security
Vulnerability Management
Insider Threat

Protect your organization from cybercrime, emerging malware, and hacktivism.

  • Stop ransomware attacks
  • Stop account takeover (ATO)
  • Defend against network breaches
  • Prevent phishing attacks
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Fraud Teams

Combat data theft, safeguard assets, and monitor ever-evolving tactics with offerings tailored to the needs of your fraud teams.

  • Stop payment and card fraud
  • Stop customer and vendor account takeover
  • Stop fraudulent abuse of platforms
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Corporate & Physical Security

Safeguard your company personnel, assets, and infrastructure from insiders, hacktivists, and violent extremists.

  • Protect executives
  • Protect physical locations and assets
  • Protect supply chain
  • Protect employees
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Vulnerability Management

Spend less time researching vulnerabilities and more time remediating them.

  • Identify unknown vulnerabilities
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities
  • Gain key context on vulnerabilities
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Detect, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities in open source components and third-party libraries.

  • Shift security practices left
  • Deliver applications to market faster
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Insider Threat

Detect, deter, and mitigate the misuse of authorized access to your network, systems, or assets.

  • Identify malicious insiders
  • Detect attempts at account takeover operations and insider recruitment
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Gain a comprehensive view of your organization’s risk profile

When every team is empowered with Flashpoint’s threat intelligence, your organization has a comprehensive view into overall risk in order to protect assets and stakeholders.

Take rapid, informed actions to mitigate risk everywhere

Flashpoint is everywhere you need to be, around the clock. Our targeted, automated collection systems capture the information from the OSINT sources that matter most, whether social media, chat services, foreign-language forums, illegal marketplaces, paste sites, or the deep and dark web. Our analytics, AI/ML, and automation empower analysts to track and remediate threats from across the internet.

Leverage timely, actionable intelligence

Our continuous data collections contain more than 2 petabytes of threat intelligence data, from ransomware group profiles to stolen accounts, credit cards, and credentials.

Identify, prioritize, and remediate threats faster

With finished intelligence, exposure dashboards, asset-based vulnerability intelligence, and automation, you can easily identify, prioritize, and remediate risks quickly.

Partner with the experts in threat intelligence

Our 100+ analyst team engages with threat actors in illicit communities, provides tailored and custom information based on requests, and offers threat response and readiness to support all your needs.

“We Love Flashpoint and are grateful for the product as it has genuinely helped save lives.”
– Flashpoint customer

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