Protect your employees’ computers and network

Interact with files and browse safely without risk to your organization. Flashpoint Managed Attribution is fully isolated from your browsers, computers, and network infrastructure to protect from malware and other malicious online threats.

Manipulate your digital fingerprint

Conceal your organization’s digital perimeter by configuring traffic to originate from anywhere in the world. Choose your machine and gateway locations, operating system, browser, tools, timezone, and much more.

Make intelligence actionable

Conduct thorough online investigations by going directly to the source– with full technical anonymity in a safe and isolated workspace.

Deepen your research capabilities

Reduce manual effort and streamline day-to-day operations in a centrally managed workspace. Empower your team to use the best tools to engage online with confidence.

“Flashpoint has become an integral part of our security infrastructure and threat response workflows, impacting what we do day-in, day-out.”

-Cody Autrey, Texas A&M University, System SecOps Team

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