Protect People, Places, And Assets With Real-Time Open-Source Intelligence


September 8th, 2022 | 2:00 PM ET



The Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) landscape continues to evolve as new social media channels and other public data emerge online. Open Source Intelligence is critical for understanding the broader intelligence landscape. Flashpoint, who recently acquired Echosec Systems, a leader in OSINT data collection, provides complete and valuable data needed to tackle threats in the digital and physical worlds.

Join Flashpoint’s Donald Saelinger, President, and Echosec’s Michael Raypold, Chief Technology Officer, to learn why we’ve teamed up to support our shared mission to protect people, places, and assets. We’ll share how to gain situational awareness with geo-located social media data to stay alert of emerging risks.

During this chat, we’ll cover:

  • Why OSINT matters to the broader intelligence landscape
  • How access to ethical and compliant data can tell you what’s happening in real-time
  • How to gather and analyze online data to protect the things you value most
Meet The Speakers
Donald Saelinger
President, Flashpoint

Michael Raypold
Chief Technology Officer, Echosec

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