Card Fraud in Flux


June 15th, 2021 | 1 PM ET



The card fraud ecosystem is a dynamic landscape that has evolved over the past year. The shift we’ve seen towards a more remote environment has changed the ways in which we work, and operate, and this applies to cybercriminals as well. As criminals continue to steal, and sell credit card data, financial security teams require the insight in their organization’s card exposure, access to the latest credit card leaks, and accompanying intelligence to minimize fraud losses.

A rapid detection of credit card fraud is crucial not only for preventing fraudulent transactions from occurring—but also for identifying new indicators of risk, and adjusting prevention controls accordingly to reduce future losses. This webinar with Ian Gray and Vlad Cuiujuclu that will highlight:

  • recent case studies of card fraud
  • a look at the cybercrime ecosystem of card fraud
  • highlight issues related to remote, and its effect on fraud, and compliance teams
  • Sam Kleiman will demo a sneak peek at Flashpoint’s card fraud dashboards
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