Putting Flashpoint Intelligence on the Map: A Seamless Fusion With Echosec’s Geospatial Capabilities

Navigating a world of data and intelligence with ease and precision

October 5, 2023

We’ve put Flashpoint intelligence on the map!

We’re thrilled to unveil a feature that not only marks a significant stride in geospatial intelligence but also enhances the Echosec platform by embedding Flashpoint intelligence reports directly into the map view. This integration allows Flashpoint users to navigate through myriad intelligence reports, curated by Flashpoint’s team of expert analysts, and displayed by geographic region within Echosec’s intuitive interface, offering deeper global security insights.

Driving immediate value

Echosec, known for its geospatial investigative capabilities, has long been celebrated for its speed-to-insight, user-friendly design, and extensive data breadth, serving security and intelligence teams across the globe. This integration propels Echosec’s map utility forward, ensuring users derive immediate value from the moment they log in, and providing them with actionable security insights.

The integration of Flashpoint Intelligence Reports into Echosec not only provides a robust platform for intelligence mapping but also serves as a beacon for analysts, investigators, and non-technical users alike. This intelligence map layer is crucial for those who seek to comprehend evolving global situations and desire a daily dose of verified intelligence to inform their decisions, acting as a force multiplier in integrated intelligence tools.

An intelligence analyst specializing in the Asia-Pacific region, for instance, in China, could scrutinize reports from that area. They could utilize the provided intelligence to discover new insights or compare it with other Flashpoint reports and their own intelligence to validate the information.

Direct expertise

Flashpoint intelligence reports are not mere data points. they’re carefully curated insights crafted by experts with deep intel and security experience, ensuring that users can navigate through the world’s most significant security challenges with confidence and precision.

Likewise, Flashpoint isn’t just a tool but a vessel of profound expertise united by a clear purpose. Our team of multidisciplinary intelligence experts are fluent in 35+ languages and boast a rich tapestry of experience from military, federal, and government agencies to commercial cybersecurity roles in the Fortune 2000. Flashpoint stands as a trusted partner to the world’s most discerning organizations.

Bridging data and intelligence: How it works

Upon logging into Echosec, users are greeted with a series of pins on the map, each representing a cluster of intelligence reports pertinent to that geographic region. The number on the pin indicates the volume of reports available, and a simple click expands the pins, allowing users to navigate through each report individually. Select a pin, preview the report, and delve into the full content in a convenient side panel, navigating through all area reports with ease. With the map layer updated twice daily, users stay abreast of new intelligence as it surfaces, ensuring a fresh and continuous flow of actionable insights.

Regional spotlight: China

On Sep 28, 2023, the Flashpoint Intelligence Team produced a regional spotlight on China, which included updates about the announcement of military exercises in the South China Sea, Taiwan’s first domestically-produced submarine, and one of China’s largest real estate companies being put under police surveillance.

Reports such as this are valuable for security leaders and decision makers as it provides a trusted source of human-verified information to review as part of their day-to-day routine. For hands-on intelligence professionals, this intelligence serves as a supplement to their workflows, helping to inform intelligence cycles. 

An intelligence analyst specializing in the Asia-Pacific region, for instance, in China, could scrutinize reports from that area. They could utilize the provided intelligence to discover new insights or compare it with other Flashpoint reports and their own intelligence to validate the information.

Regional spotlight: Mexico

Flashpoint has a vast collection of regional reports—chronicling ongoing developments and potential threats. Mexico is the second-most targeted country in Latina America in terms of cybercrime and ransomware. As the traditional revenue streams for the cartels decline due to COVID-19, they are shifting their interests towards cybercrime operations.

Using Flashpoint reports, analysts can monitor Cartel activity, gaining visibility into the developing illicit communities being formed in Mexico, in addition to increasing hacktivism activity.

Regional spotlight: Ukraine

The Russia-Ukraine War officially commenced in February 2022, and since then, Flashpoint analysts have continued to track its events and produce reports that cover a range of specific aspects, including the role of OSINT, the importance of social platforms like Telegram, and related cybercrime activity from threat actor groups around the world.

With these reports in hand, organizations can better understand their risk apertures related to the war, from supply chain issues, to physical threats, to hacktivist activity.

Regional spotlight: Israel

In the throes of the ongoing Israel-Hamas War, the necessity for accurate and timely intelligence reports across Israel, Gaza, and the broader Middle East is paramount. On October 7, Hamas militants launched an unexpected, catastrophic attack on Israel, firing over 2,000 rockets and causing significant casualties. This tangible manifestation of virtual orchestrations took Israel by surprise, especially occurring on the fiftieth anniversary of the 1973 Egypt and Syria attack and during the Jewish holiday, Shemini Atzeret. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war, mobilizing military and reserves, while the US Embassy in Jerusalem enacted shelter-in-place protocols amidst the chaos.

Flashpoint analysts, tracking and analyzing the situation, provided critical intelligence to customers, including detailed intelligence reports on the initial barrage and subsequent developments, including Telegram’s evolving role in modern warfare. These reports serve not merely as informational tools but as essential strategic assets, aiding decision-makers and intelligence professionals in formulating strategies and responses based on validated, real-time information, thereby attempting to safeguard regional stability amidst the unfolding crisis.

Unlocking next-level geospatial intel

The integration of Flashpoint Intelligence Reports into Echosec is not merely a feature update; it’s a big step forward in how we perceive, interact with, and utilize intelligence in a geospatial context. We invite you to explore this new feature, harness the curated intelligence, and elevate your strategic planning and decision-making to new heights. Begin your journey today and experience the power of transforming data to intelligence through a single pane of glass by requesting your free trial.

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